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Anime Review: KHR Episode 188 [Primo's Will]

Episode 188 Name Title [Primo's Will]

Air Date: June 12, 2010
Arc: Inheritance Sucession Arc
Episode: 188
Opening: Listen to the Stereo
Ending: Famiglia
Extras: Kaibutsu Zukai Tsuna [Monster Tamer Tsuna]

Episode Guide:
Previous: Episode 187- Memories of Betrayal
Next: Episode 189- The Family's Resolve

Daemon doesn't budge on his stance on the ideal Guardians. He decides to battle Tsuna, to beat him into submission. The two start to battle with Tsuna able to fight Daemon on equal grounds, however, Daemon targets the girls, turning the tides of battle in his favor. Daemon states his devotion to the Vongola, going on to say that he was the Mist Guardian for two generations. Tsuna gains the initive in the battle, and prepares to fire his X-Burner, Daemon however, uses his illusion to make Tsuna lose track of where Daemon really is. Demon tricks Tsuna into firing his X-Burner, and to Tsuna's horror, it was aimed at the girls. Mukuro finally arrives and saves the girls from the attack, much to the suprise of Daemon. Mukuro protecting the girlsMukuro lets Tsuna handle the battle, and even assists Tsuna by nullifying Demon's illusions.

Daemon disappears after getting hit by the X-Burner, but as he never had a physical body, he's able to reappear. He and Mukuro have a discussion on their goals and ideals. Daemon takes a liking to Mukuro and even states that he wouldn't mind giving his inheritance to Mukuro. Mukuro, however states that he has no intrest in the inheritance, asks Tsuna to look after Chrome, and disappears.
Giotto appears and thanks Daemon for fulfilling his duty as the Guardian of the Mist. After a short discussion between the two, Daemon gives his inheritance to Chrome and leaves. Mukuro and Daemon ConfrontationTsuna, nervously asks Giotto, about his own inheritance, in which Giotto replies that Tsuna has already impressed him, and already passed the test. He too, then gives his inheritance and leaves.
Elsewhere Giotto meets Daemon once again, and talks about the old days. Daemon states that Giotto dissapointed him to the very end, and leaves.
Back at their homes, everyone makes the necessary preparations to go back to the future. The girls refuse to stay back, and insist on going back with them to help.

The next day, they all gather at Namimori Shrine and go back to the future, and prepare themselves, for the battle that lies ahead.

My View:
The episode was a bore to me. It was long and dragging. Daemon was just yapping about Tsuna's resolve blah blah. Nothing much happened in this episode.

I love the engraving on the pocketwatches of the guardians. Giotto finally told what it means.

Givro eterna amicizia- Vow of eternal friendship

Yup. Giotto's just like that. Very kind. :D

Quotable Quotes of the Episode:
"This is your boss' fight. Show some faith by shutting up and watching." -Reborn

Episode Link:
Episode 188 [Primo's Will]

Date: June 14, 2010
Time: 6:44 AM

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