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Anime Review: KHR Episode 190 [The Real 6 Funeral Wreaths Attack!]
Episode 190 Title Card

Air Date: June 25, 2010
Arc: Inheritance Succession Arc
Episode: 190
Opening: Listen to the Stereo
Ending: Famiglia
Extras: Kaibutsu Zukai Tsuna [Monster Tamer Tsuna]
Episode Guide:
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 Tsuna and the rest, arrive at their Nammimori base, nervously waiting for the battle to start. However, so far nothing has happened, and, while waiting for the inevitable battle, they try to be normal.
Squalo, manages to contact Lussuria, but he was being extremely uncooperative. Squalo demands to talk to Xanxus, but Lussuria denies that request as well, stating that Xanxus was busy, eating. This annoys Squalo to the extreme, he finally asks about Fran. Lussuria states that Fran had gone to meet a girl named WW.
Hibari had spent the night at their school. Dino arrives to keep him company. While chatting they notice a disturbance in the sky, and the Flame Teleportation System appears. Flames scatter from the machine right before it explodes, one of them heading for the school.

At the base, the alarms start to go off, and Giannini explains that each and everyone of their defences are being broken, quite easily. Squalo's communication with the Varia is also broken. Tsuna and the Guardians go to meet the intruder, ordering the girls to take cover, However Yuni runs to her room to retrieve the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. Tsuna and the rest hear explosions from inside their base. The girls meet up with the Guardians, and suddenly, the wall explodes, and in comes Zakuro.

Zakuro looks to have a very carefree nature about the battle, till Squalo steps up and states that Zakuro has already begun his attack. Invisible storm flames were emerging from Zakuro's ring, which were being countered by Squalo's rain flames. Squalo asks the others to run as far as they can, while he holds off Zakuro. Yamamoto offers to stay with him, but Squalo immediately refuse, saying he was longing for a fight. The group decide to let Squalo handle it, and start to make their exit. Zakuro tries to stop them, but Squalo again intervines and stops Zakuro's attack. Yuni thanks Squalo before leaving with the rest.
Outside the base, the group tries to decide the best course of action to take. They ask Tsuna for orders, to which Tsuna states that they have to find a safe place to hide Yuni. They all agree that, that would be the best course of action. The next problem, was where to go to. They think up of a few places, but Irie downs them. Haru finally comes up with an idea on where to go to. She says that she knows a person who used to let her hide with them, when she used to run away. They agree to go there. Suddenly explosions are heard inside the base, and a few seconds later, the entire base explodes.

Squalo communicates with the group through their earphones, and talks in a defeated voice. He asks them all to get as far away as they can. The scene shifts to the battlefield, which is covered in crimson flames. Squalo's box weapon, lying defeated next to Squalo. Squalo makes a final attack to a smiling Zakuro.

Yamamoto, worried about Squalo, tries to head back. However, he was stopped by Reborn, who asks him to not let Squalo's sacrifice be invain. As the vents in the building start to explode, the group rushes toward the place Haru mentioned, just as the entire base explodes.
They arrive at the place Haru mentioned, but it seems to be closed. As the group wonders in despair, the door opens and a person emerges. He says that the old lady Haru mentioned died three years ago. He asks them all to come in, and even says he'll take care of the Funeral Wreaths chasing them.
My View:
At long last, Tsuna and the others are going to face Byakuran once again. The Inheritance Succession Arc kind of bored me, even though Giotto-sama was there. The episode mirrors Chapter 258 of the manga. I was also excited to see Uncle Kawahira there.
Maybe in the anime, they'll reveal Uncle Kawahira's true intention on why he helped Tsuna and the others, or why does he have a Hell Ring.
Episode Link:
Episode 190 [The Real 6 Funeral Wreaths Attack!]
Date: June 29, 2010
Time: 2:19PM 

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