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Me Time: What I Want
Tsu-kun was surprised when he heard what I want for my birthday

My 18th birthday was last April 30. It was my 18th birthday, so naturally, my parents were too hyped to have a party for me. But I don't like parties, so what we had was just a family dinner. And the next day, we all went out.

I was never fond of gifts. Sure, gifts are nice to receive once in a while, but I still don't like receiving gifts, especially if they're meant as a surprise. And so, instead of having my gift as a surprise, they asked me what do I want as my birthday gift.

What do I want? Oh boy, that's the easiest question ever. So, I opened up my laptop and typed the things I want for my birthday. Their reaction? Jaw drop.

My brother even said that those things were out of this world. In the end, I never got a birthday gift, but it's okay. I still love them all. :)

What I want for my birthday:
-Nuts (No, not the literal nuts. What I mean is Tsuna's box weapon. :D)
-Takeshi Yamamoto
-Kyoya Hibari
-Takeshi's Vongola Ring
-Kyoya's Vongola Ring
-Irie's glasses
-Byakuran's marshmallows
-Tsuna's X-Gloves Version Vongola Ring
-The Melone/Merone Base
-Asari-sama's flute
-Irie's headphones
-Kyoya's armband
-Dino's whip
-Colonello's rifle
-Bianchi's goggles
-Lal Mirch's pacifier
-L-sama's swivel chair
-Matt's PSP
-Mello's chocolates
-Near's lego
-Liz and Patty Thompson
-Death the Kid
-Xanxus-sama's guns
-Belphegor's tiara
-Hayato's dynamites
-Kyoya's tonfa
-Takeshi's baseball bat
-Byakuran-sama's White Spell uniform
-Mukuro's trident
-Ken Joshima's hair pins
-Fran's froggy hat
-Alaude's trench coat
-Dino's arm with the tattoo
-Roy Mustang's gloves
-Lavi's hammer
-Allen's arm
-Kanda's Mugen
-Komui's glasses
-Roy Mustang's uniform
-Riza Hawkeye's gun
-Ed's automail
-Lenalee's Dark Boots

I hate lost my original list so I had to make a new one. There are still a lot of stuff not included there, but meh, because of my faulty memory, I can't remember them all.

Date: June 13, 2010
Time: 4:26 AM

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