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Anime Review: KHR Episode 193 [Demon Spade's Devil Lens]
Episode 193 Title Card

Air Date: July 17, 2010
Arc: Future Final Battle Arc
Episode: 193
Opening: Listen to the Stereo
Ending: Canvas
Extras: None

Episode Guide:
Previous: Episode 192 [Alaude's Handcuffs]
Next: Episode 194 [The Final Battle Begins]

Gamma, Nosaru and Tazaru all come to Yuni's aid. Yuni breathes a sigh of relief after realizing that the trio were safe. Kikyo seems shocked to see the there, as they all assumed that they had died when Merone Base was teleported. The Vongola too, seem uncertain whether the three are friend or foe. Gokudera mentions that they are a part of the Millefiore Black Spell, and were probably enemies, but Irie reveals that the Black Spell were originally a part of the Giglio Nero Famiglia, and concludes that they were probably there to protect their boss. Reborn guesses that they escaped Merone Base and were biding their time in Namimori, waiting for a chance to protect their boss.

Torikabuto recovers from Gamma's attack, and now begins his own attack. He easily goes past both Nosaru and Tazaru and heads straight for Yuni and Gamma. Gamma sends Colulu &Widget to attack Torikabuto, but he effortlessly goes past them as well. Gamma then forms a defensive lighting barrier with his ring. Kikyo states that such a weak ring cant do anything to stop them. Gamma admits that his ring is significantly weaker that his original rings, but states that his resolve is second to none and strengthens his barrier.
Torikabuto is unfazed, and he heads for them without the slightest sign of stopping. Suddenly he receives a punch to his jaw, which sends him flying.

Tsuna arrived to help protect Yuni. Kikyo and Bluebell seemed shocked to see Tsuna there. Tsuna says that they shouldn't underestimate his speed.Torikabuto, now losing his patience, decides to release his Box of Carnage.
Bluebell and Kikyo shut their eyes, with Bluebell even going as far as holding her breath. Torikabuto opens his box. A white spherical light envelopes the surroundings. Torikabuto is released.
The group stares at what is before them with a mix of astonishment and disgust. Torikabuto had turned into a disgusting mix of a moth and human. Torikabuto states that their end is nigh and releases a deadly Illusion.

The very world around them starts moving in an unconventional way. The group on the ground even begins to float, and not even Gamma seems to know up from down. Chrome, however, makes her way forward with a determined look on her face. Kikyo explains that anyone who glances at the pattern on Torikabuto's wings immediately lose their grip on reality. Torikabuto suddenly disappears.

Tsuna tries to close his eyes to try and concentrate, to pinpoint Torikabuto's location. However, Kikyo explains that this will do them little good. He explains that the strength of the illusion is such that not even the Vongola Hyper Intuition can help him. The group panics, realizing that Yuni will be targeted.
Kikyo smiles confidently, waiting for the signal from Torikabuto to alert them after a successful capture.
Tsuna suddenly gets directions about Torikabuto's location from Chrome. Tsuna follows her instructions without hesitation and hits an invisible Torikabuto.Chrome continues giving him directions, and each time Tsuna lands a successful hit on Torikabuto. Kikyo and the Vongola watch, astounded. Chrome has released her Cambio Forma.

Tsuna manages to land a powerful hit on Torikabuto. This rattles Torikabuto enough to stop the illusion and his disappearing act. Nuts follows up by petrifying Torikabuto's wings, to successfully immobilize him. Kikyo seems worried both about Torikabuto and the Vongola's team work. Kikyo decides to help Torikabuto, but is stopped by Sun Class bullets.

Reborn arrives via Basil's Rain Dolphin to assist in the battle. He tells Torikabuto that the Vongola's strength lies not in individual performances, but in the cooperation of its Family. Ryohei arrives to assist Reborn, completely agreeing with what Reborn said.

Bluebell, now losing patience, decides to open her Box of Carnage, but is immediately stopped by Kikyo. Kikyo states that killing the Vongola would be easy, but doing so without hurting Yuni would require help. Bluebell seems against the idea, when Kikyo points at whats happening ahead.

Tsuna, having gotten Torikabuto into a corner, fires his X-Burner at him, completely destroying him. As a charred Torikabuto falls, he's caught by a retreating Kikyo and Bluebell. Bluebell inquires about Torikabuto's condition, and Kikyo states that he's finished. The group having taken quite a few injuries, decides against following them.

At an unknown Mansion, the three remaining Wreaths explain the situation to Byakuran. Zakuro is extremely pissed off that he was tricked to go all the way to Mt. Fuji. Byakuran analyzes the situation of losing two Wreaths, and asks Kikyo about the Vongola Boxes. Kikyo assures Byakuran that they are nothing to worry about, and that Daisy and Torikabuto were their weakest members. Byakuran seems assured, but decides to make one final move before the final confrontation.
He contacts Iris, who is in the Vendicare Prison, and tells her that he will be needing "him." He states that he has already made arrangements with the Vendice and to have it ready within half a day. The other three Wreaths protest, and seem extremely worried at the turn of events.

Yamamoto's group arrives at the base, which has been utterly destroyed. The entire place seems to have been burnt to a crisp. The group seperates, Bianchi stating that she has to retrieve something. Yamamoto continues onwards, and finds Squalo's sword/hand stuck to the ground.

Back at the Kawahira shop, Reborn suggests to Tsuna that they leave the place. As Tsuna wonders where to go, Yuni tells the group, with a determined look in her eyes, that they should head to the forest.

My View: 
While I was watching the episode, I was still shaking with anger because I just finished reading the latest chapter. Man, how I wish I could castrate Adelheid right now. I really want to smack her smug face. And Enma, oh don't get me started on him. But meh, I would rather watch the anime right now (which the others are complaining that is so damn slow) than read the manga because I so need a non-injured, happy Takeshi right now. And yes, I'm still very much irked with that Kaoru guy. And guys, Takeshi is injured and HE'S IN THE FREAKING HOSPITAL, so please don't expect him to come and save Tsuna and the others. I'm heart broken too, about the broken rings, but you can't expect a guy who's hurt to come and avenge the others. My cousin pointed out that they still have hope other than Shi-kun and that is... *drum rolls* LAMBO damone~ Honestly cous, Lambo is still a kid.

And yeah, the anime. Maaaaa~ Muku-chan gonna escape soon! KYAAA~ <3 So Iris is in the Vendicare Prison already and they'll learn that Mukuro escaped. :3 *dances*

Poor, poor Squalo. I was completely heart-broken when Shi-kun saw his hand with the sword. It made me go, "WTF? WHERE THE FUCKING HELL IS SQUALO? WE BETTER FIND HIM, FAST!" And Bianchi-san's gonna retrieve the letters. I really hope that when she shows those to Takohedo, the octopus head would have an open-mind about it.

Torikabuto was pwned to the extreme! I was fucking happy about it, kora! And hellz yeah, Mukuro-chan in Cambio Forma.

Byaku-chan is really ill after using his powers. Poor Byaku-chan. *pats Byaku-chan's head*

And yeah, Reborn-san, tell them how the Vongola Famiglia fights! :D

And I have this weird conclusion that Gamma is Uni's father. :)) I know, I know. I so ship GammaxAria. :D 

Quotable Quotes of the Episode: 
 "This is how the Vongola Family fights. The Vongola Family's strength doesn't lie in individual performance, but the cooperation of its members." ---Reborn 

Episode Link: 
Episode 193 [Demon Spade's Devil Lens]

Date: July 18, 2010
Time: 10:24PM

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