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Anime Review: KHR Episode 194 [The Final Battle Begins]
Episode 194 Title Card

Air Date: July 24, 2010
Arc: Future Final Battle Arc
Episode: 194
Opening: Listen to the Stereo
Ending: Canvas
Extras: None

Episode Guide:
Previous: Episode 193 [Demon Spade's Devil Lens]
Next: Episode 195 [G's Archery]

Iris, accompanied by two other Millefiore members arrive at the Vendicare Prison to release the final wreath. After a moment of taking in their situation, they ask the Vendice to open the door.

The doors of this deadly prison open and standing behind them are three Vendice. Iris repeats Byakuran's orders to the Vendice, who reply that the exchange had already been completed.

The three members of the Millefiore seem perplexed, arguing that it was them that were supposed to have finalized the exchange. One of the Vendice procede to use his ring to show the released prisoner. The released man was none other than Mukuro.

The three Millefiore members argue with the Vendice, saying that they had been fooled by a Vongola illusionist. The Vendice deny this possibility, stating that there are only three illusionists capable of fooling them.

Ten kilometers away from the Vendicare Prison, Flan sneezes right on cue, wondering if someone was talking behind his back. In the room with him are M.M., Ken, Chikusa and Mukuro, who is resting. Ken and M.M. show delight at the fact that Mukuro is released, Chikusa, his usual quiet self, and Flan as usual, verbally attacks his companions. Mukuro was resting, due to being in a water tank for ten years. Chikusa states that as soon as Mukuro recovers, they'd be heading to Japan, to aid the other Guardians to protect Yuni.
In the forest, the Vongola group seem to have taken quite a few injuries during the latest attack, and are recuperating before the final battle.

Nosaru and Tazaru seem to be unhappy with the amount of kids in their group. The fact that Lambo was climbing onto Tazaru's bald patch did not help to calm them down.

Tazaru seems shocked that the Millefiore were being pushed around by a bunch of kids. He wastes no time in picking a fight with Irie, calling him the captain who betrayed Merone Base. Irie, defends himself and the two start an argument, which is instantly broken up by Yuni.

Yuni apologizes to Irie for the behaviour of her family and heads to help Lal. Lal comments that Yuni looks exactly like her grandmother, Luche. Lal states that Luche had a mysterious Intuition, and asks if Yuni possesses it as well. Yuni says that she did possess it at one point, but her power has been slowly dimininshing for a while. Yuni the reveals that Byakuran was going through something similar. She goes on to say that Byakuran would require a great deal of energy to see into parallel worlds, and could only see one thing at a time.

When questioned by Tsuna about her weakening power, she states that all things are born to die. Lal comments that the Sky Arcobaleno have traditionally lived short lives. This comment brings up memories of Luche and Aria. Gamma seems worried about Yuni.
Yuni goes onto say that Byakuran, due to his current condition, will stop at nothing to capture her, and obtain the true power of the Tri-ni-set.

At the Millefiore mansion, Byakuran recieves word of what happened at Vendicare. He states that he'll talk with the Vendice again, and with a deadly face, says to get Ghost out as soon as possible.

Back at the forest, the group continue their discussion, Yuni states that this time she won't run away. This statement worries the group, Tsuna goes as far as to tell her not to give up as they've come so far. Yuni then reveals a startling bit of information.
She reveals that she's know for a long time that the final battle will take place in the forest. Yuni reveals that the next day at dawn, the final showdown between the Millefiore and Vongola will begin.

As the group continue their discussion, Yuni reveals the secrets of Byakuran's power. She says that all though he's able to share thoughts with all the parrallel worlds, there's only one reincarnation of him. In other words if Byakuran is killed in this world, the Byakuran's of the other world's will seize to exist as well.

The group are over joyed at the thought of returning to a peaceful past, till Lal bursts their bubble by reminding them that it will only be possible if they win. Reborn agrees, saying that the Wreaths haven't begun to show their true power yet, and that a tough battle lies ahead.

Tsuna begins to panic when he realizes that they have very little time, and no plan to go by. A bit later, Tsuna asks Irie to help him come up with a plan.

Irie proposes that the one's injured shouldn't take part in the battle. This draws large protest, as the majority of the group were injured, and wanted to be a part of the battle. Reborn fires his gun into the air to silence them.

Next on the agenda was sorting out the functioning box weapons. Gamma says that Basil's box weapon had the ability to communicate with other box animals due to its superior intelligence. He suggests using that ability to come up with deadly combo attacks.

Everyone who had Box Animals released them to test out this theory. As they were about to get started, Natsu hides behind Tsuna. Tsuna reveals that Natsu is a scardy cat outside battles. Uri attacks Natsu, and Tsuna too gets caught up in the cat fight.

The mood now considerably lighter, Lal hands Colonnello pacifier to Yuni who accepts it gratefully. Gamma sensing that Yuni was up to something, worries about her. Reborn appears before him and states that they needed to talk.

Dawn finally breaks, and the Wreaths make their final battle plans before the battle. Byakuran gives the the license to go crazy after they secure Yuni. Byakuran states that he'll join them after a while. The wreaths knowing their roles depart to launch a suprise attack on the Vongola.

Zakuro heads towards the base, happy that he's the fastest out of the three. Suddenly he's attacked. A Cloud Centipede restrains him, Electric Foxes attack him, and finally a strong Storm Flame hits him. The trio who attack are Lal Mirch, Gamma and Gokudera. The three seem excited at their sucess, till Zakuro laughs, states that he isn't as weak as Daisy and Torikabuto. He opens his coat to reveal his Carnage Box. Zakuro opens it, the final battle between the Millefiore and Vongola is finally underway.

My View:
And so, the final battle is about to begin. The future arc is about to end and I'm about to see Enma and his cohorts. Damn Adelheid.
Anyway, Uri's gonna Cambio Forma on the next episode and so, I'm very excited. And yes, Muku-chan's now out of Vendice/Vendicare. Let's party!

And I find Tsuna's reactions really cute. I laughed when I saw it in the manga, and it was even more priceless in the anime. And yes, especially Takohedo's reaction to Gamma's words. Really cute. He defended his precious juudaime.

Zakuro now opened his carnage box and I'm sure hell is gonna break loose. Hellz yeah! Let's start this party! :3

Quotable Quotes of the Episode:
"Oi! The boss was giving us a simple explanation of the current situation." ---Gokudera Hayato

"Huh? B--but I'm not the boss! I've never said about becoming the boss!"

(Leon shapeshifts into a gun) "It's a little too late to start whining now! I'll crack your head open!"

(backs away) "H--hold on! Time out!"
---Reborn and Sawada Tsunayoshi

Episode Link:
Episode 194 [The Final Battle Begins] 

PS: Credits to the awesomesauce site Reborn Wiki for the synopsis. I am too lazy to make one. :3

Date: July 25, 2010
Time: 3:10 PM 

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