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Me Time: Crappy Memory. Blog. Last Resort. Yay! :D
I have a faulty memory. Yep. I tend to forget things, no matter how much I tried to make them retain in my mind. In fact, the more I push myself to memorize things or make them stay in my mind, the more I forget them. So yeah, I need to write important things so even if I forgot them, I'll still be able to remember since I wrote it down. I am just like Sasagawa-senpai TO THE EXTREME!

I have a list of the seiyuus of KHR on the Note Page of my Facebook Profile page so I'll still have a copy of them, but then, sometimes, accessing FB is such a pain in the neck, so I have decided to put the names of the seiyuus here as a blog post so I'll also have a copy in my blog. I'm so smart, aren't I? :D

And so, here is the list of the seiyuus and their pictures! (I'll only post for now are the seiyuus who have a picture in my file. Scratch that. I'll only post the guys I like for now. Yes, I am that awesome and lazy. :D)

Voices: Reborn (Reborn-san)

Kokubun Yukari
Voices: Sawada Tsunayoshi (Tsun-tsun/Tsuna-fish/Tsu-kun/Tsuna-kun)

Ichinose Hidekazu
Voices: Gokudera Hayato (Ahodera/Bakadera/Stupidera/Takohedo)

Inoue Suguru
Voices: Yamamoto Takeshi (Shi-kun/Takeshi-kun)

Kondo Takashi
Voices: Hibari Kyoya (Kyo-kun/Hibari-kun/Iinchou)

Kiuchi Hidenobu
Voices: Sasagawa Ryohei (Turf-head/Sasagawa-senpai), Knuckle

Takeuchi Junko
Voices: Child Lambo (Ahoshi)

Kenjiro Tsuda
Voices: Adult Lambo/Romeo/Spanner

 Akesaka Satomi
Voices: Dokuro Chrome

Fujiwara Yuuki
Voices: Belphegor

Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Voices: Irie Shoichi/Kakimoto Chikusa

Nakamura Daisuke
Voices: Colonello

Chan Li Mei
Voices: I-Pin

Yoshida Hitomi
Voices: Miura Haru

Inamura Yuuna
Voices: Sasagawa Kyoko

Voices: Dino [Episode 34-onwards]

That's all for now, since I'm too lazy. Meh... >.>

Date: July 13, 2010
Time: 6:44 PM

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