• Vongola X ; 9:20 PM, Monday, July 26, 2010
Me Time: I Rant.
Squalo-kun is ready to kill someone.

I'm sure that every manga readers world wide have read the message of the One Manga management on their homepage and reacted the same way as I did.

I learned this heartbreaking news from a friend of mine when he posted it on plurk. I was really devastated. To say that I was shitting myself on the wee hours (1 AM) was an understatement. I was angry. I WAS FREAKING MAD.

And when my cousin was already awake, I said, "Where the freaking hell I would get my weekly dose of KHR? Do they honestly expect that I'll wait for the anime to catch up with the manga? They can shove up that Weekly Shonen Jump on their asses if they expect us to just accept it." No. Just no. That's just plain wrong.

I know that the manga publishers and the online scanlators are already arguing about licensing rights (heck, KHR isn't even available on Manga Fox anymore. Those assholes. >.>) [And yes, I tend to cuss out when I'm pissed. Sorry, readers. :( ] of some mangas, but I couldn't believe it that they'd go as far as having the One Manga site to shut down.

I mean, One Manga is like the site where every manga readers go. It's like where the mangas were first posted online. And making them shut down the site is like killing all of the otakus around the world. Not only One Manga, but the other manga scanlation sites are being threatened as well.

My cousin and I treat KHR as an integral part of our life. We need, and I would like to emphasize on the word "NEED", to at least watch and read KHR once a week, or else we will be frigging bitches throughout the week. And so far, so good, we can watch and read KHR every-freaking-day. And after learning that One Manga is shutting down, and we don't really know when, we totally threw a tantrum.

What part of 'not all of the mangas available on One Manga can be bought on other countries' they don't understand? Like in our country, for example, looking for stores which sells mangas is a tedious task alone, but looking for a specific manga is like looking a specific needle in a huge pile of needles. Yes. It is hard here in our country to buy mangas, heck, I don't even know a store (besides National Bookstore, but srsly, they sell freaking outdated mangas) who sells mangas here in our country. And even if I could even find one, I'm not sure if it's even translated or the translation is good. Bah. I have read some mangas whose translations are bad as a rotten egg. I'm mean come on! We're not that stupid. We know that those translations sucks more than a vacuum cleaner.

And for us to have our hands on those precious mangas, we need to order online, and not all of us have the money to have them shipped in our countries. And if we even have the money, the time and other resources, we can't freaking understand japanese. >.> Crap. And I suck at kanjis. Bah.

Mangas here in country (and even the outdated ones. >.>) costs at around 300-350 pesos. I dunno how much that costs in yen, but I think in dollars, that's about 15 dollars. I know, for some people, that's pretty cheap, but here in our country, 300-350 pesos is enough for lunch and dinner for a poor family, and they could even throw in breakfast for tomorrow is they bought cheap ingredients for their dinner and lunch. That's is how hard money is here in the Philippines. I'm not saying that I couldn't afford to buy a manga volume, it's just that I find is very wasteful on my part to buy something that I'm sure I'll just leave it scattering around the house. You see, I'm not the type of person who's very clean to her surroundings. My room is scattered with anime stuff, and I don't think I'll be able to clean it up soon. But what I'm saying is, it's pretty wasteful on our part to buy something like that, and that's why we turn to online scanlation sites.

And one more thing, the mangas here in our country are freaking and sadly outdated. I mean, hello? Why do they have to keep selling Gundam Seed even if the buyers are looking to FMA, or KHR mangas? One word. Slow. Our country is effing slow when it comes to buying mangas. I don't even know if they're sparing the otakus here in the Philippines a second glance. They don't even realize that right under their noses, Japan has been influencing us with their culture. Yes. Our government is sadly blind, or they're just pretending to be blind, I don't know with them.

I wasn't even supposed to make a rant about this issue, but my cousin nagged me and told me that it's better to let my anger out on my blog rather than on my dog, Azul.

Date: July 26, 2010
Time: 9:20 PM

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