• Vongola X ; 1:30 PM, Friday, July 2, 2010
Me Time: Stupid Frigging Emotions
Not even Kojiro, Shi-kun's Rondine de Pioggia, can wash away the feelings that I have right now.

Disappointment. Irritation. Anger. Loneliness. Those are the few emotions that I have bottled inside of me right now. It's kinda hard for me to have those feelings, especially when I'm trying to concentrate on my studies.

Well, I'm not talking about how I feel on the latest chapter of KHR [Chapter 296, and I haven't even made my review on 295. Damn it.], but I could say it's one of the minor reasons why I'm feeling this way.

With my new classmates/friends, I was expecting to have a flourishing year with them. I was kind of expecting to have a good relationship with all of them, but right now, I don't think that will happen.

Let's talk about Classmate A. During our 1st day, she/he was the one greeted me first. What I noticed about Classmate A is that she/he is very talkative, not that it bothered me, because I admit that I'm very talkative too. So yeah, I would say that we clicked right away since we're both blabbermouths. There's no dull moments every time we're together. But then, the chemistry is starting to fade away. Every freaking time she/he opens her/his mouth, I get really irritated. Because her/his voice is too loud and and she/he doesn't know WHEN TO SHUT HER/HIS FREAKING TRAP. Sure, being noisy is okay, once in a while. But you have to know when to shut up, especially when the people around you is FREAKING STUDYING FOR A TEST. Like for today, we went to the library to study for our quiz, and Classmate A doesn't even have the consideration to shut her/his freaking cake hole. I was more than tempted to bash her/his head on the table. And during lessons, oho, I'm really FREAKING TEMPTED TO SHUT HER/HIS MOUTH because she/he is talking while our professor is talking. Like our professor was reading something from their presentation, and Classmate A would read it aloud, simultaneously to our professor. Who wouldn't be irritated with that? Like holy mackerel, Classmate A doesn't need to do that since our professor is already reading it to us and WE CAN READ IT OURSELVES, DAMMIT! And freaking yeah, Classmate A IS VERY INSENSITIVE. Because we have foreigner classmates, we really have to speak in english for them so that they can understand us. It's not that she's/he's judging them based on their looks, but she's/he's talking loudly about them, in tagalog. It's okay if my foreigner classmates doesn't have any idea that she's/he's talking about them, but noooooo. Classmate A really advertises that she's/he's talking about our foreigner classmate. Like for expample:
Classmate A: Woi, siguro iniisip ni [Insert Name of Foreigner Classmate] na sana hindi na lang siya sumama sa atin. Putang ina, ang ingay kasi natin eh.
And yeah, Classmate A loves to curse. Well, I, myself, can't contain myself when it comes to cursing. I would say "fuck" every now and then, but only when my emotions gets the better of me. But noooooo~ Classmate A says "putang ina", "gago", "gaga" and other filipino curse words every now and then, like it's a vital part of her/his sentence. And also, one thing that irritates me about Classmate A is that she/he doesn't listen to others when they're talking. That's what I hate to others, because I'm more of a talker than of a listener. And also, when someone corrects her/him, she gets all irritated, like she doesn't want to be corrected. For example:
Me: Uhm, dapat 27 yung sagot, hindi 18.
Classmate A: Hala, bakit?
Me: Eh kasi [insert explanation here]-----
Classmate A: ----[cuts off] Eh hindi kaya!
Me: [insert more explanation]
Classmate A: Edi ayan! Papalitan na.
I dunno why it irks me. Sure, she/he have changed it, albeit begrudgingly, but it still irks me. She/he doesn't pose as a know-it-all to me, but I still freaking hate how she acts all superior and mighty.

Next post: Classmate B

Note: I freaking don't care if Classmate A reads this blog post or she'll/he'll know that this is about her/him. I freaking don't care if she'll/he'll go all apeshit on me. I just didn't post their names for the sake of anonymity. Fuck yes.

Date: July 2, 2010
Time: 1:29 PM

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