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Manga Review: KHR Chapter 293 [Misunderstandings]

The 293rd chapter of Katekyo Hitman Reborn started were it left off: Enma waiting for Tsuna in the abandoned site. Enma felt betrayed because of Tsuna not showing up. Adelheid arrived at the site and told Enma that she saw Tsuna with Hayato and Takeshi, going to school. There, they both confirmed that Tsuna wasn't to be trusted at all and they should pursue their true intentions: the success of the Inheritance Ceremony so they could take over Vongola after that.

Tsuna goes back to the hotel were he and Timoteo [Vongola Ninth] talked. Tsuna straighforwardly declined to become the 10th boss of the Vongola. The Vongola Ninth accepted Tsuna's decision.

Takeshi was shown walking with Kaoru after their baseball practice. While in their locker room, Kaoru dropped something and when Takeshi picked it up, he noticed that it was a a ring. He showed his ring to Kaoru while the former hastily snatched his ring away from Takeshi. A piece of paper fell from Kaoru's pocket and when Takeshi bent down to pick it up, he noticed that it was a picture of the logo of the Vongola Family with an X over it. Takeshi asked Kaoru what was that all about. He joked that it couldn't actually mean to 'overthrow Vongola'. Flames came out from Kaoru's ring and he suddenly attacked Takeshi, stabbing him. Takeshi was gravely injured and there were a lot of blood all over the locker room.

_-From the beginning, I was already a little wary about the Shimon Family. Their intentions were still hazy, eventhough they said they were there to watch the Inheritance Ceremony. So it didn't surprised me at all when I read that they were actually planning something and they know about the Vongola's Sin. As a matter of fact, I was pretty sure that they were going to attempt to sabotage the ceremony, but they were actually trying to make it a success, and it totally caught me off guard. The attack on Takeshi was a surprise for me too. I know what Kaoru can be capable of, but he seemed really harmless. But then, Shimon Family is now showing their true colors so it won't be a shock for me anymore if Aoba tries to kill Ryohei or Shitt P. would try to decapitate Hayato.

I am more excited to learn more about the Vongola's Sin, so I hope in the next chapter, it'll be explained what exactly it is.

Date: June 12, 2010
Time: 7:37 AM

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