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Manga Review: FMA Chapter 108 [Journey's End]

The last installment of FMA continued where it left off: Edward battling Father. Due to Al's sacrifice, Ed now has his arms,and thus he was able to fight Father with overwhelming strength and speed.

Father was greatly weakened because of Ed's attacks and so, he decided to take Greed's/Lin's Philosopher Stone. Father showed his arm inside of Lin's/Greed's body to get the stone. Lin tried to stop Greed from being pulled out, but Greed himself was the one who had let go of Lin's hand. Greed said that he should take the Philosopher Stone which Lan Fan possesses and go back to their country.

Battle between Ed and Father continued.

Ed was able to defeat Father and Father was sent to the gate. He faced the gatekeeper and was sucked into the gate.

The battle was now over and the people who fought alongside Ed and Al were concerned with the eldest Elric brother. Many people have suggested that they can help Ed, but Ed refused. For the last time, Ed did an alchemy to take back Al's body.

Everyone went back to their lives. Ed and Al said that they're going to travel again so see more of the world. And before Ed leaves, he indirectly proposes to Winry, in which Winry accepts.

_-I'm not much fan of the manga version of FMA since its storyline mirrors the storyline of FMA:Brotherhood. I still prefer the original anime, but I can say that FMA had a kick-ass ending. Just disappointed with the Ed/Winry development.

Date: June 12, 2010
Time: 9:38 AM

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