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Manga Review: KHR Chapter 294 [Decision]
[Couldn't resist adding this comment. I so love this pic! <3]

Chapter 294 started off with Tsuna still talking to the Vongola Ninth, Timoteo. Tsuna had turned down the Vongola Boss position. Timoteo then decided to cancel the ceremony. Tsuna profusely apologizes which Timoteo shrugs it off, saying that it's okay but he hasn't given up hope yet. Reborn offhandedly commented that he [Timoteo] is being to easy on Tsuna. The conversation was cut-off when Croquant Bouche, 9th's Mist Guardian., said that Tsuna has an urgent phone call.

The caller, turns out to be Gokudera [Bakadera/Ahodera/Stupidera/Tako-hedo] and he shakily tells Tsuna that Yamamoto is in the Central Hospital. After the phone call, Tsuna ran off, saying that has to go to the hospital.

While in the elevator, Tsuna told Reborn that Yamamoto was attacked in the baseball locker rooms. Reborn said that he'll head over there first before going to the hospital. And Tsuna commented that while Gokudera was telling him what happened, he was shaking.

Tsuna arrived at the hospital and ran directly to the operating room where Yamamoto was being operated. The door opened and they saw Yamamoto, bloodied up. The doctor and nurses held up Tsuna and told him to wait. Tsuna collapsed on the side.

After a while, Chrome offers Tsuna a glass of water, which he refuses while Ryohei was telling the others that he was the one who saw Yamamoto like that, and called for the ambulance. He also said that he tried to heal Yamamoto's wounds by using Garyuu's flames, but the wounds were too deep. Gokudera then commented, "I won't forgive whoever did this!!"

Ryohei then asked Mizuno what happened, seeing that he's the one who's with Yamamoto, and Mizuno just replied that he didn't know what happened because he left earlier than Yamamoto. Adelheid then said that if the culprit was strong enough to take down a Vongola Guardian, then it only means that the culprit was also the one who attacked the Giegue Family.

Reborn arrived at the hospital and said that digging out the culprit is hard, but he managed to do it. He then asked the Shimon Family to leave so the Vongola Family could talk privately. Reborn told them that in the locker room, he saw a bloody writing, obviously Yamamoto's doing. It said "deritoto" and when in romanji, it says, "delitto", which means "sins" in italian. Reborn then said that the attack might have something to do with the "Sin" which the current Vongola Boss passes down to the next Vongola Boss.

They all deduce that the culprit will show up in the Inheritance Ceremony, which made Tsuna decide to open up the Ceremony again, so he can catch whoever attacked Yamamoto.

_-First things first, imma need to release my stress.


Phew~ There.

I don't like this chapter at all. Seeing Adelheid all smug like that makes me want to smack her in the face.

In this chapter, you could see how Gokudera really cares for Yamamoto and Chrome was even crying.

Go Tsuna. Find who did this. Go kill Mizuno. Smack Adelheid and pwn Enma!

Date: June 20, 2010
Time: 1:16 PM

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