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Manga Review: KHR Chapter 300 [Upgrade]

After deciding that they'll pursue with the upgrade, Talbot said that he'll get started right away and asked the Ninth to lend him a room downstairs. It surprised Tsuna that Old Man Talbot will be doing the upgrade in the castle, and Talbot replied that he's not that particular when it comes to location, and before heading off, he said that Tsuna and his guardians should rest up, for it will be beneficial for them and the rings.

And somewhere in the castle, Talbot is now starting the upgrade of the rings. In front of him is a container with a fire underneath it. He poured the Penalty on it and said out loud to Primo that the current enemy is Shimon. He struck his mallet down on the container and asked how does it feel.

On the other side of the castle, Gokudera, Sasagawa and Tsuna were talking. They were musing on how surprised they were when they learned that their enemy is the Shimon Family. They commented that it was somehow impossible due to their actions, but Reborn reminded them that because Yamamoto let his guard down, he was attacked by Mizuno Kaoru. He also said that in a short moment, they'll be in a crucial battle with the Shimon and they should fight without hesitation, he then turned to Tsuna and asked him.

Tsuna answered that he couldn't believe that the Primo could've done the things Enma said, and it was only some sort of misunderstanding and he has to clear it up, so that's why they can't lose. Tsuna's words pumped up Sasagawa and Gokudera and the two said that they'll show them and they'll win. Reborn mused that Tsuna's ready.

It was then that Talbot appeared and said that they'll know if they're really ready. He also said that it their resolution is real, then they will reply to them and he showed them his finished work.

Tsuna, Gokudera and Sasagawa are surprised with what they saw because it didn't look like rings, and it looks like rocks, but Reborn said that those were the rings. Talbot agreed that the rocks were indeed the Vongola Rings. Shocked by the news, everyone's hopes fell. They all thought that Talbot failed since the rocks looks so lifeless.But Talbot just laughed at them, saying that it still hasn't been decided whether the upgrade is failure since Tsuna and his guardians were the ones who will complete the upgrade. Talbot said that they need to awaken the souls of the rings and they must send their energy into them and light up the most powerful flame that they can, however, they can only do it once. He added that it their resolution is weak, they won't be able to sustain the life of the rings, much less stand against Shimon and they'll just fail again.He also said that if the upgrade fails, the balance of the seven flames will crumble and a disaster will occur and their animal rings will die as well.

Gokudera, Sasagawa and then Tsuna now tried to pour out their resolution to the rocks, but Talbot shouted that it wasn't enough and the rings will die. Reborn said that their family is waiting. It fired up their resolution and the rocks lit up and started cracking. The upgrade was finished and they all saw the outcome of the upgrade. For Gokudera, he got the Buckle of the Storm Version X. For Sasagawa, he got the Bangle of the Sun Version X. Hibari instantly appeared and he got the Bracelet of the Clouds Version X. And for Tsuna, he acquired the Ring of the Sky Version X.

My View:

Alright! The rings just got upgraded and they all look cool. Though, they still need to test it out if it could par with the Shimon Family. Chrome's ring got upgraded too, but she wasn't there for the final stage, so we still don't know what's the upgraded version of her ring. Though it really confuses me as to how Talbot was able to upgrade Chrome's ring. It was shown that she left the ring when Julie picked her up, but with her animal ring, I don't know with that. Well, maybe Chrome's wasn't upgraded at all.

And Lambo's and Takeshi's rings. Lambo's ring wasn't broken and Takeshi's too, since he's in the hospital, so theirs weren't upgraded, and so I don't know what will happen to their rings.

Maybe in the next chapter, the fight with the Shimon Family will now start.

Anyway, here are the pics of the upgraded version of their rings.

Buckle of the Storm Version X

The Bangle of the Sun Version X

The Bracelet of the Clouds Version X

The Ring of the Sky Version X

Date: July 30, 2010
Time: 10:03 PM

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