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Me Time: I Write.
Oho. Ahodera was shocked. But don't deny it, Takohedo. You loved it. :3

Yes, people. I write. All sorts of stuff. Ficlets. Drabbles. Oneshots. Drabblets. Multi-chaptered fics. You name it. But I am as lazy as hell and the plotbunnies are now on vacation. It's a miracle that I was able to make a oneshot last night. And I'll be posting it here. Enjoy. :3
“Damn you Ahodera!”

“What was that, baka onna?”

Emerald and olive met.

Both won’t back down.

But then something unexpected happened.

That’ll teach them never to mess with each other.

Or did it?


“Maa, maa, why won’t you two calm down?” Yamamoto Takeshi asked, grinning at the two people who are in a heated argument right now.

But then, those two people were stubborn as hell and won’t back down. And so, instead of listening to Yamamoto’s advice, they continued to shout insults at each other.

“You’re so frigging dumb, Ahodera. How many times do I have to tell you that I didn’t do it on purpose before your tiny brain can comprehend it?” Daidouji Rin snarled at the guy, her emerald eyes flashing.

“Urusai, baka onna! If I know, you deliberately tripped juudaime!” Gokudera Hayato yelled back, his ‘protect juudaime’ instincts kicking in.

Tsuna, the root of their argument, is looking like he was about to have a heart attack. It was just an accident. But Gokudera made a mountain out of a molehill, and hence the verbal war of Gokudera and Daidouji. “HIIIIII!!!!” said Tsuna, flustered. “Gokudera-kun, Rin-chan. Please stop fighting.”

Gokudera snorted as he crossed his arms over his chest and eyed Daidouji with distaste. “I’ll stop if she apologizes to you, juudaime, for tripping you, and to me for insulting me.”

“Cha! For a guy like you, you do have a big ego. There’s no way I’ll apologize to you, you dimwit!” Daidouji countered, throwing Gokudera a glare of her own. “To Tsuna maybe, but not to you!”

And the scenes after Daidouji’s words were almost surreal. Everything happened too fast. Lambo and I-Pin came inside Tsuna’s room, running. Lambo had the 10-year Bazooka (which Giannini modified and now lasts up to 10 minutes) aimed at I-Pin and threatening the hitman from Hong Kong that he’ll fire it at her, but due to Lambo’s innate clumsiness, the Bovino tripped. The bazooka flew out of his hand and towards Daidouji. Soon, pink smoke enveloped the room after an exploding sound. And when the smoke cleared out, it revealed a bewildered-looking Daidouji who’s wearing a white dress.

ll ll ll ll ll

To say that Daidouji felt sick while going through the tunnel was an understatement. She felt absolutely nauseous and she wanted to hurl so bad. And soon enough, she found herself standing beside the holder of the Sky Ring of Vongola. Loud murmurs echoed throughout the place and it caught Daidouji’s attention. She looked beside her and saw a wide-eyed Tsuna, who by the way is wearing a George Armani tux. She continued to scan her surroundings and she was able to deduce that she’s in the church, walking in the aisle. And it only meant one thing. She gasped. “Tsun-tsun! Am I going to get married to you?” she asked out loud, eyes wide.

“No! Rin-chan!” The 25-year-old Tsuna said, waving his hand in front of him for defense. “You got it all wrong!” he added.

Then suddenly, someone yanked her by her arm. Daidouji saw a furious-looking Gokudera, who by the way looked stunning in his Dolce suit. “Rin?! What the hell?!” Daidouji looked embarrassed for Gokudera had called her by her first name, and the girl could sense the concern radiating from the platinum-haired man.

But then, Daidouji wasn’t used on Gokudera holding her, and so she yanked her hand away from him and stammered, “C—cha! Ahodera! What the hell—?!” She could feel the people’s intense stare on her and she felt her cheeks burn from embarrassment. Just leave it to Lambo to publicly humiliate her. She’s gonna throttle the cow when she gets back.

The 25-year-old Storm Guardian of the Vongola Decimo stared hard at Daidouji before muttering, “Tch. 10-year Bazooka.” He then turned to the wielder of the Lightning Ring and made his way towards him. “Ahoshi! You freaking ruined my wedding day! You freaking bring my wife back before I stuff you inside the 10-year Bazooka!” he snarled at Lambo.

“W—what?! His wedding?” Daidouji gasped as she turned to Tsuna for answers. “I thought this is MY wedding.”

“Uh, well yes, Rin-chan.” Tsuna stated sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head. “This is your wedding, and Gokudera-kun’s too. Well, you see… You two are getting married to each other.” The last sentence came out as a question rather than a statement. Even Tsuna felt reluctant to disclose that information to the younger version of Daidouji, seeing that she and Gokudera are each other’s throats when they were still young.

Daidouji’s eyes widened even more. She felt her energy being drained away from her. “W—what?” she choked out.

And in the background, Yamamoto’s laugh could be heard. “You’re so funny, Gokudera. Playing with Lambo in the middle your wedding.” His face split into a wide grin, in contrast to the priest in front of him who looks like he’s about to faint.

“Urusai, yakyu-baka!” Gokudera shouted at him, before turning back at Lambo and began throttling him again and shouted, “If something happens to my wife, I’m going to blow you up, ahoshi!”

And that was Daidouji’s cue to collapse. Her knees buckled and she’s now sitting on the church floor, staring at them with wide eyes. And that was Gokudera’s cue to run back to the younger version of his soon-to-be wife. And without any warning, Daidouji cried.

ll ll ll ll ll


“Ara? Rin-chan’s older sister?”


“Alala~ Give Lambo-san a candy.”

“Stop it, Lambo.”

Differents reactions were heard, but the most prominent amongst them was this:


It was from Daidouji.

“Oi, stop shouting, baka onna! You’re startling juudaime!”

“H—Hayato? What the hell happened to you? You shrunk!”

“Shrunk? You were hit by the 10-year Bazooka, idiot! You’re here in the past!”

“Don’t you idiot me, Hayato.”

“A—ah… Rin-chan, what are you wearing?”

“Oh this? It’s my wedding dress, Tsun-tsun. It looks good on me, right?”

“Ahaha, of course it does, Rin-chan’s older sister.”

“She’s not Daidouji’s older sister, yakyu-baka. She’s Daidouji! Oi, Daidouji, why the hell are you wearing that?”

“Ba—ka Hayato. Today’s my wedding day.”

“W—what? And why are you calling me by my first name?”

“Who are you marrying, Rin-chan?”

“Your right-hand man of course! And Takeshi’s the best man. You looked handsome in your Armani suit, Tsun-tsun.”




ll ll ll ll ll

As soon as the pink smoke vanished, Yamamoto, Tsuna and Gokudera saw a crying Daidouji. Tsuna was quick to rush to her side and ask what happened to her.

When Daidouji realized that she was back on her own time plane, she turned to Gokudera and pointed an accusing finger at him. “I won’t marry you even if you’re the last man on earth!” And with that she stormed out of the room.

“Like hell I would marry an ungraceful woman like you!” Gokudera retorted, glaring at the leaving form of Daidouji.

The both of them might’ve said that, but that was completely different from what they’re thinking right now. They were glad that in the future, everything worked out between them.


10 years from now

“Ahodera!” The older version of Daidouji shrieked as she pummeled her soon-to-be husband with punches. “I freaking hate your younger version! You can both go to hell! I won’t marry you anymore!”

“What the—? Baka onna! Stop! Stop punching me!” Gokudera said, shielding himself from Daidouji’s punches.

Tsuna sighed. He really wondered how this two got together, seeing as they’re both stubborn as hell and absolutely won’t back down.

Date: July 20, 2010
Time: 12:02 PM 

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