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Me Time: I Write. [Part 2]
I am so sorry Tsuna-fish. I won't angst you anymore. -huggles-

I am the queen of procrastination and so I surprised myself that I managed to finish this within 30 minutes. The damn plotbunny won't leave me alone. >.> I'm in my writing mood right now and I don't know how long it'll last.
It hurts.

To see him completely smitten with the girl who doesn’t even love him back.

It aches.

To realize that he won’t return the feelings that you have for him.

It kills.

To learn that he almost took his life when he couldn’t handle the pain.

That’s How You Get By

He’s changed.

He knows it. She knows it. Heck, everyone knows it.

He’s not the same fumbling boy anymore, and that’s what hurts her.

He’s gained this confident aura around him.

At first, she was happy for him, saying that he’s matured now.

But right now, she’s not sure if she’s still happy about it.

Before, he used to come to her for advice

But now, he makes his decision without even confiding it to her.

Before, he runs to her for help.

But now, he doesn’t even tell her that he’s in danger.


Sawada Tsunayoshi isn’t the same Tsuna before.

He isn’t the Dame-Tsuna anymore.

Probably because of Reborn’s training.

Or because of the fights he had.

But he’s not the only one who’s changed.

Daidouji Rin has changed too.

She isn’t the shy Rin everyone knows.

Probably because of her newly-acquired friends.

Or because of him.

For 10 years, she’s been in-love with him.

For 10 long years she’s waiting for him to reciprocate her feelings.

But for 10 years, all she had is pain and heart ache.

For 10 years, he’s been smitten with her.

No. Maybe even longer.

But after all those years, all he had is heart ache and longing.

It’s not fair.

He’s been in-love with her for more than 10 years now.

He just met her 6 months ago.

And here they are, hand in hand.

It’s not fair.

She loved him ever since she laid eyes on him.

And the other girl doesn’t even glance his way.

And here he is, drinking his sorrows away.

She knew he wouldn’t love her.

She knew that he’s too in-love with the other girl.

She knew that he’s only seeing her as a friend. (She hopes as a close friend.)

And she knew that he’ll be the first and last person she’ll love wholeheartedly.

He knew that she loves him.

He knew that he’s madly in-love with the other girl who already has a boyfriend.

He knew that he sees her as a friend. (No, she’s a close friend.)

And he knew that he’s the first and last person she’ll love.

It was wrong.

He was leading her on.

He was taking advantage of her.

It was sinful.

But he doesn’t care.

It was wrong.

She was just being used.

She was just a rebound.

It was wicked.

But she doesn’t care.

They were both blind.

He had been pinning for someone who doesn’t love him.

She had been pinning for someone who doesn’t love her.

They both can’t move forward.

But one act.

Just one act is all it takes for them to get by.

No matter how wrong it was.

It felt good.

So damn good.

And by other girl, I mean Sasagawa Kyoko.

My writing style sucks.

I hate angstin' Tsuna-fish. And I so totally love the ending.

It's kinda dark and twisted and YOU reader guess what was the act they did.

I am that bad. :D

Date: July21, 2010
Time: 9:47 PM

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