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Me Time: I Write. [Part 3]
I promise. This will be the last time I'll angst you.

Yes. I'm still angstin' Tsuna. And I think this will be the last time I'll do this. I think... AND YES. I AM OPEN FOR REQUESTS. JUST PM ME on my FB or put it in the tagbox.
I knew it was wrong.

I knew it was sinful.

I knew it was immoral.

But it felt good.

Your body against mine.

Your hand on my face.

Is it a sin to love you?


A lie.

That’s what it is.

A relationship with lies as its foundations.

It was a pretense.

A façade to tell the others that he’s not hurting inside.

That he doesn’t actually like the other girl anymore.

Months have passed.

Months turned into years

Two years.

They were able to keep up the lie.

He knew she wouldn’t mind.

She loved him.

And they were friends.

And the other girl told them that she was getting married.

His chest constricted all of a sudden.

Tears formed in her eyes.

Both of them were hurting all over again.

He was hurting because he knew the other girl couldn’t be his.

She was hurting because she knew he wouldn’t glance at her.

Their eyes were blind, and so are their hearts.

She thought that after all those times that they were together, he’d move on.

That after showering him with affection, he’d love her back.

That after giving him all of her, he’d glance her way.

But she was wrong.


He thought that being with her, he’d be able to move on completely.

That just by seeing her smile, he’d smile back at her.

That by holding her hands, he’d be able to mend his heart.

But he was wrong.

Was he wrong?

He doesn’t want to attend.

She doesn’t want either.

But the others might suspect.

And so they went.

With his hand on her waist.

And fake smiles plastered on their faces.

He thought that he was the only one who was in pain.

He didn’t notice the longing looks she would send his way.

He was selfish.

He didn’t think about her.

It was all about him.

She thought she can have him all to herself.

She didn’t take account the looks he would still send to the other girl.

She was greedy.

She didn’t think about him.

It was all about her.

More time passed.

It was tiring.

They couldn’t keep up anymore.

They don’t want to lie anymore.

It was draining them.

The pretense.

The charade.

It was blinding them.

She decided to end it.

She’s had enough of it.

She can’t take the pain anymore.

He decided to make it real.

He wanted her to be legally his.

He can’t take the longing anymore.

But it was too late.

The damage was beyond repair.

She had given up.

But he won’t.

He’s been blind enough.

He won’t let her go too.

It was too late for the both of them.

She had left already.

With tears in her eyes.

And regrets weighing on her shoulder.

She’s been blind enough.

She has to let him go.

They were both fools.

Thinking that everything revolved around them.



But it wasn’t their fault.

It wasn’t their fault that they fell in-love.

They just have to learn their lesson.

Stop chasing the person in front of you. Look back and let the person chasing you catch up.

Sometimes, it is better to be chased than to chase.

She was gone.

He wanted to chase after her for a change.

But will she let him?

He chased after her.

She wanted to push him away.

But can she?

Sometimes, dealing with the aftermath of your actions is much harder than dealing with the actions itself.

 The other girl= Sasagawa Kyoko
He/him/his= Sawada Tsunayoshi
She/her= Daidouji Rin

And I think I'll go back angstin' the guy whom I love to angst, Ahodera. :3

(Gokudera: Damn you, woman! I'm going to blow you up!)

(Me: Chaaaa! -runs away- Tasukede, Shi-kun!) 

And I bet you're thinking why do I keep on using Rin as my OC. Let me tell you this hun, I am an eternal lazy bum, and therefore I am lazy to think up of another OC for Tsuna-fish. And truth to be told, Rin-chan is for Shi-kun, not Ahodera and Tsuna-fish, but meh. >.>
And why am I angstin' Tsuna-fish? I have no idea too, but the plotbunny won't leave me alone. I know, I know. I better make a fluff for Tsuna, but meh, the next man who's humping on my mind right now is Shi-kun. GYAAA! I dun wanna angst him too! I need a hug! \(^w^)/

And I have no idea why my writing style changed all of a sudden. Maybe I'm just getting tired of writing like the usual.

Date: July 22, 2010
Time: 8: 34 PM

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