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I Pick: Song "BLUE" ~Rivale~ Character Album
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Yes. The hype is still up. I wasn't OL for a few days and when I got back, the first thing that greeted me was the lyrics of Muku-chan's End:Res. I was sort of flustered since a lot had happened during my hibernation. >.<;;

And credits to Kokusho Yukari for the awesomesauce lyrics.


o1. End: Res- Rokudo Mukuro
by Iida Toshinobu
 lyrics ll MegaUpload ll MediaFire

o2. FLAMING RAGE- Xanxus
by Ikeda Masanori
lyrics ll MegaUpload ll MediaFire

o3. BREAK OUT- Superbi Squalo
by Takahashi Hiroki
lyrics ll MegaUpload ll MediaFire

o4. Bloody Prince- Belphegor
by Fujiwara Yuki
lyrics ll MegaUpload ll MediaFire

o5. Special Illusion- Fran
by Kokuryuu Sachi
lyrics ll MegaUpload ll MediaFire

o6. PARADE- Byakuran
by Ooyama Takanori
lyrics ll MegaUpload ll MediaFire

o7. シミュレーション [Simulation]- Irie Shouichi & Spanner           
by Toyonaga Toshiyuki & Tsuda Kenjirou
 lyrics ll MegaUpload ll MediaFire

o8. 狂気の花 [Kyouki no Hana]- Kikyo
by Katou Kazuki
lyrics ll MegaUpload ll MediaFire

Album Download Links:

MegaUpload  ll MediaFire

Anyway, still short on the notes department in this post, but I so totally love Bel's Bloody Prince. Sure, it's so creepy and stuff, but what the heck?! It's still so cool and fast-paced. And Sho-chan and Spanner are the only ones who can sing about computers and stuff and still sound so good. And the old disco melody, uber cute! Byaku-chan's song is so upbeat as usual and doesn't give off an aura that he's one sadistic bastard. :3

And Xanxus... Well, Xanxus is as always full of rage and it's always shown on his song. 

I'd have to say that End:Res is my most favorite Muku-chan song~

And Katou Kazuki-san is so full of win. I want to take him home. :))

Date: August 17, 2010
Time: 11:49 PM 

Edited as of Dec. 25, 2010. Credits to fullbustergray for the links.

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